Kitchen Ministry

The Kitchen Ministries at Faith United Methodist Church provides numerous opportunities for Sharing Christ’s Love Through Faith.   Many volunteers are always needed to work in the kitchen, on the serving line, setting the tables, and cleaning up.   Fellowship is enjoyed as we work together, and friendships are grown.   Additional volunteers are always needed who are willing to become familiar with our church kitchen and learn how they can become more involved in our active ministry.

Kitchen Ministries, under the leadership of Joann Emanuele, is the main trunk of the various branches/groups that prepare and serve food.    Perhaps participation in one or more of the following groups/branches of Kitchen Ministries provides an opportunity for you to help in the sharing of Christ’s love through service at Faith UMC.

Hospitality: The co-chairs for this group are Cindy Plance, Joy Spang, and Marcy Wagner.   This group provides hospitality and breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner for Greensburg District events as requested and accepted.   They organize the annual “Wild Game Night” in January and the group has organized and prepared the annual “First Responders Breakfast” in August.   They organize and prepare the sample plates of food for the Seder explanation presented by Jeff Kipp and his “Messiah in Passover” program.

Funeral Luncheons:  Leadership is provided by Marge Kratofil as a service to Faith families who request a funeral luncheon in our Fellowship Hall.   Volunteers are needed to bake desserts, prepare deviled eggs, provide salad fixings, and help prepare and serve the meal.

Apple Dumpling Holy Rollers:  Leadership is provided by Marge Kratofil.   Many volunteers are needed to help in various capacities over at least two days a week for two weeks in late summer so that apple dumplings are available to sell during Delmont Daze, the Pilgrimage, and Lenten Fish & More Dinners.   Dough needs to be made, measured & rolled into individual balls, and then flattened in preparation for the apples.   Apples need to be peeled and cored.   The apple dumplings are created, baked, and individually-boxed or placed in boxes of six.    Boxes need to be assembled, and cinnamon sauce is made and divided into individual containers.

Pilgrimage:  Leadership is provided by Joann Emanuele.   This event takes place the first weekend of December.   Volunteers are needed in the kitchen, on the line, helping wash dishes, setting up for the event, and cleaning up afterwards.   Bakers are needed to make pies and cookies at home for the display of desserts when close to 2000 people could come through our food line over the course of the 2-day event.

Lenten Fish & More Dinners:  Lots of volunteers are needed to have this 6-week event run smoothly each Friday during Lent.  (We do not provide meals on Good Friday.)   There is always a day of prep prior to the Friday event,usually Thursday, when tables are set, food line is set up, tartar sauce and cocktail sauce are made and placed in individual containers, cabbage is cut for haluski, cole slaw is made, strawberries are cut for the pies, clam chowder soup is made, etc.   Pies and cookies are needed for the display of desserts on the line.   Many volunteers are needed each Friday to cut the buns, plate the desserts, wash the dishes, prepare the food, work on the line, and clean up.

The major fund raisers for the Kitchen Ministries come from the profits made during the Lenten Fish & More Dinners, the Pilgrimage, and the selling of our apple dumplings.   The Kitchen Committee consists of anyone who participates in the church’s kitchen activities.   Concerns are brought up and handled by the committee with voting.   10% of the profits are tithed to the church.   The remaining monies go to missions and other needs as presented to the committee and voted upon.

Submitted by Marcy Wagner, 05/30/19